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The Territory

La regione Emilia Romagna

Valle appenninica in Emilia RomagnaThe region Emilia Romagna has always been representative for it's turism and industriousness from the well-kmown and frequented beaches of the riviera romagnola, to the art cities, to the Appennine montains of Toscana and Emilia Romagna, this belt is basically important in the social and economic context.
The territory is full of suggestive itineraries on the ancient roads of the pilgrims, of the Middle Ages time, (roads: Romea, Bibulca, Vandelli, Sentiero Matilde), for an holyday under the banner of nature and culture.
The Reservations and Parks are many, some of them are: National Park of Toscana's and Emilia's Apennines, The Park of the High Apennines of Modena, The Sassi di Roccamalatina Regional Park, The Sassoguidano Natural Reservation and The Salse of Nirano Natural Reservation.
The Romanic Abbeies, fortresses, castles and Middle Ages Villages are characteristic sorroundings of historical and traditional happenings that are very suggestive.

In mountain bike sul crinale appenninicoSport and Nature

For those who love nature and for the fond of sports many are the naturalist courses for mountain bike, trekking, alpine and northen kkiing, climbing, snowshoes, horse trips, orienteering, birdwatching, motocross and trial tracks, jeep permanent tracks, sporting fishing.

Wine and gastronomy in Emilia Romagna

Parmigiano ReggianoThe Emilia Romagna's wine and gastronomy treasures are very very famous: from the balsamic vinegar, the Lambrusco wine, the Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, to the typical salami, from the zampone, to the Vignola's cherries.
The tradition of the Emilia Romagna's cooking proposes the hand-made pasta as tortellini, fried "gnocco", crescentine, ciacci, "borlenghi", chestnuts products like the "frittellozzi" (fritters) and "castagnaccio" (chestnut- cake), you can taste them at the many country feasts, in the inns and the typical restaurants.


Automobile Ferrari a Modena From 1997 the Modena Cathedral, the Ghirlandina and Piazza Grande, three extraordinary beauties concentrated in a few metres, appear to be in the list of the world's patrimony of universal value for the humanity. Also for this Modena is considered the city of culture. Modena is also famous as a land of motors. Ferrari and Maserati alone for milions of people from all the world is a good reason of journey.

Reggio Emilia

Sala del Tricolore a Reggio Emilia Reggio Emilia is famous as the "Città del Tricolore" (the tricolour city). In the Tricolore Hall, in the meeting of 7 January 1797, the Cispadana Repubblic delegates, decreed: "we order that the Cispadana's standard or flag of three colours green, white and red is to be worldwide known". The standard become the symbol of the national flag on 1848. The Tricolour Museum, that is situated in the Town Hall of Prampolini Square, collects Italian's Risorgimento relics and the wooden model of the Tricolore Hall.

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