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Bed & Breakfast Emilia Romagna - Associazione Buongiorno B&B

Buongiorno B&B

La Cattedrale di Modena, costruita nel 1099

Who we are

The Buongiorno Bed & Breakfast was born on febraury 2001 in Modena province, also thanking to the support of The Mountain's and Province's Communities and associates the most part of the territory's bed and breakfast, for a total of around 200 beds, that are situated mostly in the Modena Appennines but also in the countries and in the Emilia Romagna's cities and can offer a very various hospitality and satisfy every tourist's necessity.

Bed & Breakfast is a valid alternative to the most traditional ways of hospitality for an itinerant tourist that chooses a family accomodation with a direct and informal contact with persons, uses, habits, traditions of the most different and interesting

We of the Buongiorno Bed & Breakfast belive in the exploitation of the territory, of the nature and the habitat and we think to contribute to the protection of rural and mountain areas that at the present are risking the depopulation and consequently the cultural and habitat impoverishment.
Our mission is to promote and to favour in a collective way the coordination of the touristic offer, the value of the binomial turism/culture, the professional increase and the cooperation among the associateds though their training and information.

Aceto Balsamico tradizionale di Modena gustato con Parmigiano ReggianoThe Bed & Breakfast foresees a paid hospitality in private habitations also with the purpose to conform the receptive offer to the tourist's taste and necessity that is looking for a visit with a reception and service not standardized.

The activity of B&B doesn't cause any habit's impact and doesn't hinder with the harmony of the habit, because new buildings are no built, but are exploited the existing ones. The B&B satisfies any necessity of informality, human wormth, liberty and contact with nature.

We work in order to divulge and promote the use of food coming from the territorial tradition and the biological agriculture, in support of a healthy and natural feeding.

The typical products of the emiliana gastronomy are used in our breakfasts, offering to our guests seasonal specialities, as chestnut-cake, grape-juice, sughi (new wine cooked), but also apple pies, patato pies, just milked cow's milk and what ever can offer the local gastronomy.

Pisside a forma di colomba fusa nel bronzo, Abbazia di Frassinoro (MO), XII secoloEvery Bed & Breakfast has available leaflets and informations of the territory.

The prices are put on evidence inside every Bed & Breakfast schedule, were you can enter from the menu on your right.

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